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Laxmi Lime Products

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Providing convenient products for the iron and steel industry is one of our goals.

The byproduct is a raw material used in the paint industry.  

Dolomite (MgCO3CaCO3) is an anhydrous carbonate mineral composed mostly of calcium magnesium carbonates.

Ceramics, glass, and bricks are all made with it.  

Calcite (CaCO₃) is the largest carbon composite found in any mineral.

Due to its high carbon content, it is used in a wide range of daily purposes such as construction materials, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, abrasives, etc.  

 Agriculture Lime(pure CaCO3)is used in agricultural production to raise the pH level of the soil.

It is a natural nutrient produced by crushing limestone to help plants grow with a reduction in soil acidity.

All of the products we offer are quality tested and confirmed to be in required standard of the industry. 

When it comes to mining and mining technologies, we are best among the best.